Curatorial Studies

The BFA in curatorial studies explores the presentation, collection and preservation of art and artifacts. It introduces students to the intellectual, administrative, educational and creative aspects of what curators do. Courses include "Working and Thinking as a Curator", in which students visit with and hear from curators, museum educators and conservators where they work and "Exhibitionism", which focuses on issues relating to the museum, the gallery and art in and out of the clean "White Cube", Students visit and analyze varieties of collections and exhibitions from traditional to the very weird; the real and the fake. They study the layered experience of viewing and the dynamics of spectatorship. They also examine the groundbreaking work of artists whose responses to these issues have become the essence of their art practice. Throughout the curriculum, students examine both the theoretical constructs and practical applications involved in conceiving, creating and designing exhibitions, collections and archives. Read more about the major.

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  • ​​Dr. Janet Kaplan, Director of Curatorial Studies, and Dr. Jonathan Wallis, Associate Professor of Art History, will moderate discussions for Fiona Tan Study Day, hosted by the Contemporary Art Department and the Division of Education of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) and the Moore’s Liberal Arts Department in conjunction with “Fiona Tan: Inventory,” a current exhibition at the PMA. 
Monika Kuder
Monika Kuder ’11 has a knack for tools.   Every few months for two weeks you’ll find Kuder perched on a ladder, hammering, drilling holes or painting the walls in The Galleries at Moore.   Kuder, a Curatorial...
Janet Kaplan, PhD
Our Curatorial Studies program is the first undergraduate program of its kind. It provides students with an intensive, experiential exposure to and analysis of the intellectual, administrative and discursive aspects of...
Chloe Van Stralendorff
I am currently the gallery manager at Marcas Contemporary Art. MCA seeks to inspire, engage and expand the accessibility of contemporary art in Orange County, CA. I'm also a part-time project photographer for the...