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Jonathan Wallis, PhD


Sarah Peter Hall Room 201


  • PhD, MA, Temple University
  • BA, University of New Hampshire

Recent Activities

  • Will speak as the Distinguished Lecturer at the New Britain Museum of Art, CT on The Life and Work of Salvador Dalí as part of the current exhibition, Cycle of Life in Print: Salvador Dalí.

  • Lecture at Agnes Irwin School, Villanova PA. " Surrealism," 2015
  • “Curricular Bridges to the Past: Contemporary Art and Student Agency in the Art History Survey.” Session: Surveying the Survey: Assignments, Pedagogies and Practices, Southeast College Art Association, Pittsburgh, PA. Fall 2015.
  • Faculty Advisor, Knight Foundation Grant, “The Artist and Social Responsibility,” Artblog and the Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia, PA​
  • Lecture at Agnes Irwin School, Villanova PA. " Illusion vs. Abstraction: Changing Ideas about Visual Representations," 2015

  • Session Chair: The Ethics of Social Practice. College Art Association, New York City, NY. 2015.

  • Lecture: Observation/Interpretation/Liberation/Participation: The Changing Role of the Viewer in Art, Department of Education, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA. 2014.

  • Lecture: Contemporary Trends in Art: Participatory Art, Teachers Summer Institute, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA. 2014.

  • Moderator, Fiona Tan Study Day, Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA. 2014.

  • Conference presentation: “Walking the Line in Museums: Participation and Its Discontents,” Session: Contemporary Art Practices and Audience Engagement: An Institutional Perspective, Southeast College Art Association, 2013.

  • Moderator, "Local Action," Relational art component of the exhibition, Living as Form, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA. 2013.

  • Lecture at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, "Narrative in Modern and Contemporary Art," July 2013.

  • “Blending Art and Ethics: Marco Evaristti’s Helena and the Killing Aesthetic.” Session: Beyond Censorship: Art and Ethics, College Art Association, Los Angeles, CA. 2012.

  • Guest speaker, Theater Production of Tina Howe’s MUSEUM, Villanova University Department of Theater and Performing Arts, Villanova, PA. 2012.

  • “They Drew First Blood: Jenny Drumgoole and The Real Women of Philadelphia.”  Session: Spoofing Off: Are Parody and Satire Effective Form of Institutional Critique?, Southeastern College Art Conference/Mid-America College Art Association, Savannah, GA. 2011.

  • Guest Curator, "Jenny Drumgoole: Real Woman of Philadelphia" Levy Gallery, Moore College of Art & Design, January-March, 2011.

  • “Salvador Dalí’s The Ecumenical Council: A Paranoiac-critical Exegesis.” Symposium: Why Have There Been No Great Modern Religious Artists, ASCHA, Museum of Biblical Art, New York City, 2011.

  • Session Chair, Dalí Vision: Optics, Perception, and Spatial Illusion in the Art and Writings of Salvador Dalí (post-1940), Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, 2010.  

  • “Masters of Deception: Salvador Dalí’s Stereoscopic Paintings and Gerrit Dou’s The Quack” Session: Slight of Mind: The Magnetic Convergence of Science and Magic in the Modern Era, Southeastern College Art Conference/Mid-America College Art Association, 2010.

  • Lecture Series on Contemporary Art through the Lens of Photography, Woodmere Museum, Philadelphia, PA, 2009.
  • Dalí panelist. Symposium: The Metamorphosis of Sigmund: Freud and His Afterlives, The Wilma Theater, Philadelphia. June, 2009.



  • (Forthcoming)  Useful Partnerships: The Queens Museum and Tania Bruguera's Immigrant Movement International,” in Museums and Public Art?, ed. Senie and Krause-Knight. Boston: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2017.

  • Guest Editor, Special Double Issue: Ethics and Social Practice, Journal: Art and the Public Sphere (Intellect Press, Ltd), no.3 & 4, February 2016. (Profiling the city of Philadelphia).

  • Interview with Tania Bruguera, Art and the Public Sphere (Intellect Press, Ltd), no.3 & 4, February 2016. 

  • At press (expected publication date May 2016): “The Marketing Frame: Online Corporate Communities and Artistic Intervention,” in Companion to Public Art, ed. Harriet Senie and Cher Krause-Knight. Boston: Wiley Blackwell Press, 2015.

  • “Double Deceptions: Salvador Dalí’s Stereoscopic Paintings and the Influence of Gerrit Dou,” Papers of Surrealism, ed. Joanna Pawlik and David Lomas, 2015.
  • Book review of Rothman, Roger. Tiny Surrealism: Salvador Dali and the Aesthetics of the Small. University of Nebraska Press, 2012. Journal for Surrealism and the Americas. ed. Samantha Kavky. 2015
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, authored entries on Arshile Gorky and Robert Rauschenberg.
  • "Behaving Badly: Animals and the Ethics of Participatory Art," Journal of Curatorial Studies, no. 2, 2012.
  • Juror, Fleisher WIND Challenge (Photography and Time-based Media), Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA. 2012.
  • Book Review of Catherine Millet, "Dali and Me", in the "Journal for Surrealism and the Americas", 2009.

  • “Office Ladies, School Girls, and Video Vixens: The Multiple Identities of Mariko Mori’s Women in Post-Bubble Japan,” Women’s Art Journal, May/Summer 2008
  • “Holy Toledo!:  Salvador Dalí’s paranoiac-critical mysticism and the Life of St. John of the Cross” in The Dalí Renaissance, ed. Michael Taylor. Yale University Press, 2008.


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