• Melanie Pawlowski
Melanie Pawlowski


Art Education

Moore is located in the heart of center city and is surrounded by museums. I have made friends here that I will talk to for the rest of my life. I have met professionals in the field of art education who will remain contacts throughout my career. The Art Education department is filled with caring and dedicated staff. I love Moore and I worked really hard not only to be at Moore but to excel at Moore.

I did my student teaching at William Cramp Elementary School in North Philadelphia. I’ve learned how to be the best art teacher I can be, to think critically about my work and what it means to me, skills in many different mediums and how to work with many different tools.

My favorite class at Moore was the Fine Arts Studio. Studio is a day when all the Fine Art and Art Education majors in the senior and junior classes meet at the same time to explore ideas and concepts through our art work.  Ultimately, the goal of studio is to prepare students for the senior show. The studio class requires critiques so all students get a chance to hear feedback about the art they are creating.

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