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Mei-Li Wu


Graphic Design

I found out about Moore through a friend of mine from my prior college in New Jersey. She promoted it well and I decided to look into it more myself and visited an open house event, where it clicked for me. I was intrigued by the students who presented their fellowship experience at the open house event; loved the facilities and student artwork that was being exhibited in the gallery at the time.

Students are able to take their studies to a higher level through internships, leaderships or travel fellowships. Also, every student receives $1000 during their required Internship period in their junior year. I don’t know of any other school that offers that.

There are a lot of leadership opportunities on campus as well. I am a member of the Business Scholars in the Arts, a scholarship program with guided professional mentors that encourages us to become more entrepreneurial and teaches us the importance of networking. 

Moore is a small college which makes it very friendly. The students here take their studies very seriously and with smaller class every student gets a lot of attention by the professors who are currently working within their field of study. My classmates are great designers and this encourages me to keep evolving as an artist. Everyone is helpful and shares knowledge with one another.

Philadelphia has a small town feel in a big city. There is something for everyone in Philadelphia: art museums, exhibitions, shopping, bars, restaurants and nightlife. There is a lot of beautiful art and murals around the city that inspires me. I still have a lot more discover in Philadelphia.