Katherine Statsenko


Fine arts with a minor in Textile Design and Business

I am majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Textile Design and Business. I heard about Moore in high school and wanted to come here because of textiles and Moore's close-knit community. 

What attracted me to Moore was the small size, strong foundation, but also contemporary practice in both fields of Fine Art and Design. My favorite thing about Moore is the faculty, who push me to open up, take risks and explore in an engaging environment. Philadelphia is a great place to be and grow as an artist, it is urban but not overwhelming as New York City. Everything is in walking distance and there are plenty of cultural things to do. 

Being a Business Scholar in the Arts has prepared me for the world outside of Moore. Being in the program has pushed me to do things that I probably wouldn't have done on my own, such as applying for fellowships, networking and reaching out to other artists.