Alexandra Stepnoski


Photography & Digital Arts

Recipient of Penny Fox Internship Fellowship

I want to combine my passion for my major, Photography and Digital Arts, with my abiding interest in educating children. Nickelodeon Studios has been the leading cable network for seventeen consecutive years, reaching over one hundred million households. I really believe in its mission to connect kids to their world through entertainment, and their production studio in Burbank, CA is where I want to be. I will be assisting in archiving video for broadcast, as well as participating in a variety of career development workshops.  The value of this internship is tremendous in terms of the potential professional connections that I can make, the skills in new software that I can learn, the broadcasting standards I can become familiar with, and the potential inspiration for my work for my senior thesis and in my emerging career.  Participation in this internship will help me towards my goal to be able to find a career where I can continue to educate and communicate with  others through digital media.