VJ Thomas


Fashion Design

Recipient of Penny Fox Internship Fellowship
I have received the opportunity of a lifetime to intern for the designer label AIISHA, by Aiisha Ramadan, in the United Arab Emirates. I have always been drawn to the regal elegance, femininity, and modesty of Arabian woman, an inspiration that stays with me whenever I design. Since discovering the brand last year, I fell in love with its high-end ready to wear aesthetic. Far from traditional, the gowns are the epitome of modern design, combining western silhouettes with Middle Eastern glamour and flair.

The Penny Fox Internship Fellowship will allow me to fulfill this dream internship. This experience will not only inspire me as a fashion designer, but it will also expose me to another country whose growth in the fashion industry is expanding. Having this experience will also enhance my resume and make me stand out to potential future employers. I am excited to see where life can take me.