Linda Moye


MA Art Education

I am truly grateful to work here at Moore in the Art Education Department.  It is rewarding to work with people who are new to the teaching profession and eager to create a place for children to learn in an art room.   Working with LTP (Learning through Photography), a program created to use photography and writing as tools for learning through art, is a challenge.  I believe that a day will come when most will fully understand how the arts can be used to fuel education.

I wasn’t giving thought to myself as an artist before I entered the Graduate Studies Program at Moore.  I’d convinced myself that I was fulfilled by making art exemplars for my students.  I missed working, but I was intimidated by being alone with a blank canvas.  The professor I had at Moore, Mary Murphy, was extremely encouraging and knowledgeable in finding ways to help me create work that was meaningful and expressive.  I gained a greater understanding of the importance of continuously working, which I continue to do to this day.  She was also instrumental in helping me write a clear artist statement, which reflects my vision.      

Regarding my future ambitions, I am unsure why the idea of having my own school is continuous in my thoughts.  Right now, I am quite content working here at the college.