Commitment to Diversity


Based on Moore’s legacy and commitment to excellence, leadership, professionalism, and respect, we continuously strive to empower all individuals to find their own voice and to hear the diverse voices of others.  Moore seeks to ensure a safe, inclusive and creative environment where students, faculty and staff can acknowledge and celebrate all that represents the College.  In February 2016, the College formed a faculty/staff diversity committee to begin to identify and address issues around diversity.

In May 2016, the Board of Trustees approved the College’s 5 year Strategic Plan.  Two key strategies were added to the plan for 2017-2021:

  • Increase the diversity of faculty, guest lectures, faculty fellows, critics, and artists.
  • Provide opportunities for the community to learn and explore issues around diversity, inequality, inclusion, and academic freedom.

Based on these strategies, the faculty and staff committee set the following goals:

  • Establish programs, plan events, and complete a campus-wide climate survey in order to foster an environment that supports diversity and inclusion.
  • Maintain recruitment and increase the retention and graduation rates for historically under-represented students.
  • Improve recruitment and retention for a diverse faculty and staff.
  • Improve inclusivity in teaching and continue to incorporate diversity and inclusion in teaching, and learning.

Progress to date:

  • Collaboration between the Moore Faculty/Staff Diversity Committee and the student run Moore Diverse group
  • Currently administering Campus Climate Survey
  • Diversity workshop in fall 2016 – all student leaders, and all first-year students in Visual Thinking class
  • Events:  Book club – “Dear White America”; Film screening and discussion - Selma; “Read-in” in Library – African-American Authors; Film screening and discussion – Moonlight
  • An all-college meeting with faculty and staff was held in March to discuss how to better support students.  The results of those meetings will be shared with the Academic Affairs and Student Life Board Committees, Faculty Forum, Academic Council, Graduate Council, Managers, and the Diversity Committee.

Next steps for the committee:

  • Start conversation series – panel discussion organized by faculty, staff, and students
  • Complete Campus Climate Survey for students, and analyze results in spring/summer 2017
  • Hold focus groups to dig deeper into survey results
  • Identify top priorities
  • Identify appropriate training/workshops
  • Develop a Faculty/staff Campus Climate survey
  • Faculty/staff diversity training – work with Faculty Forum, Academic Dean, Staff Council
  • Annually re-evaluate goals and strategies – they may evolve based on survey results, on-going work, world events, etc.
  • Bring in an outside facilitator for a Diversity Awareness Workshop open to all interested students, faculty, and staff

Other commitments made by the College:

  • Academic Dean, Patti Phillips will ask  faculty to  review program curriculum, as well as their own syllabi to consider and propose ways to  include and identify additional ways to represent the work of  diverse artists, authors, critics, and contrastive perspectives.
  • Faculty will be encouraged to broaden and deepen the diversity of perspectives and pedagogies, visiting artists and critics, and presenters in courses and college public programs.
  • Moore is committed to participating in the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Post-Graduate Teaching Fellow Program for 2017-2018.  The Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship provides professional practice opportunities to high-achieving graduate alumni.  AICAD and Moore are committed to this program, as it contributes to the goal of increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of our faculty, and creates a climate that recognizes and values diversity as central to excellence.  Preference will be given to applicants who contribute to the goal of increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of AICAD faculty.  Click here for more information
  • Diversity will be a primary focus of faculty in-service in August 2017.
  • Human Resources is investigating resources for job postings to reach a more diverse pool of applicants for open positions.
  • A Board member will be added to the Faculty/Staff Diversity Committee.
  • The Academic Dean will work with the Director of the Library to do an assessment of the collection to determine if additional resources are needed to support a more relevant collection and to establish the Connelly Library as a site for readings and research, discussions and conversations on race and diversity.
  • Moore will host an “On the Table” discussion about race on 5/23/17.  Click here for details.


For more information, or to get involved, please contact one of the following Faculty/Staff Committee members:

Asuka Goto           
Emily Johnson     
Kelly Kirby            
Matt Kalasky       
Amanda Leftwich        
Francine Martini        
John McDaniel        
Matthew Point         
Ruth Robbins         
Steve Scaduto         
Veronica Scarpellino    
Joan Stevens         
Claudine Thomas         
Daniel Tucker        
Heather Ujiie         
Jonathan Wallis