Imagination Invasion from Outer Space: A Triple Feature

It’s official! We have a title for the 1st LTP Community Project happening NOW at Warren G. Harding Middle School…

Imagination Invasion from Outer Space: A Triple Feature (picture it in 1950′s B-horror movie font in blood red and you’ll begin to see what the students are driving at – fantasy and horror!)

I was visiting last week to see how things were progressing with the 6th grade class chosen to be a part of this project. The students are continuing to develop ideas for their movie posters, which will feature characters of FANTASY and HORROR. The characters, based on themselves, will be personified through visuals and storytelling as students work in small groups over the next few weeks led by Kelly Ann Coughlin (classroom teacher), Kathryn Sclavi (socially engaged artist), and Jebney Lewis (musician and visual artist) to hash out ideas.

Watch for shape shifters and lots of action as these students continue working through the creative process!

Published on November 12th, 2013