During the 2nd summer term, a required four-week international residency provides an intense studio immersion within a distinct cultural environment. During the residency, candidates gain access to international visiting artists not otherwise available in the United States. In addition, candidates examine visual art and culture specific to the region and their influence on past and contemporary art in a seminar entitled “Art History at Burren: Time and Place.” Candidates are provided an opportunity to reflect upon the Burren experience and to prepare for a mid-program review in a two-week studio intensive at Moore immediately following the residency at Burren.

Burren College of Art located on the Burren, a limestone plateau in County Clare on Ireland’s Atlantic Coast. The facilities at Burren include modern studios, well-equipped darkroom and photography studio, sculpture workshop, lecture theater, library, internet, seminar room, study room with word processing and copying facilities and art materials store. The Burren itself is an area of some 150 square miles of remarkable fissured limestone terraces and rolling mountains. The landscape is dotted with megalithic tombs, prehistoric burial mounds, Bronze Age and Iron Age forts, ancient settlements and field systems, churches, monasteries, holy wells and medieval castles.

Burren Faculty 2012

Published on January 25th, 2013