Art & Design Studios 

Re-Envision Your Personal and Professional Creativity in Moore’s Dynamic Environment!

Moore’s Art & Design Studios provide an opportunity to take courses on an individual basis in a wide variety of areas for personal or professional enrichment. The studios are especially designed to provide a relaxed, yet inspiring setting for those looking to grow in new directions.  Beginners and those more experienced are welcome.  Courses foster the re-envisioning of creativity and project based learning develops essential skills. Courses may be taken for academic credit or on a noncredit basis.


STUDIOS OFFERED                         TO REGISITER

Graphic Design Studio                                Credit            Noncredit
Fashion Sketching Studio                                Credit            Noncredit
Jewelry & Small Metals Studio                                Credit            Noncredit
Digital Photography Studio                                Credit            Noncredit
Perspective Drawing for Design                                Credit            Noncredit
Painting Studio                                Credit            Noncredit




Graphic Design Studio

This course explores the potential of graphic design. Participants focus on the creation of concept to amplify content while developing sensitivity to typography, image, symbolism, language, and text. Idea generation, design theory, and technical skills are emphasized. Topics include creative problem solving, design and color principles, graphic design history, and typography. Projects and class meetings are structured to advance students in developing a design and evaluation process. Proficiencies developed in this course will serve as a strong base for all future design course work. For beginners and experienced students who may be building a portfolio. No prerequisites.

Creative Process Studio

Designed to expand creative horizons, this course provides beginners or those more experienced the opportunity to experiment with the principles of art and design while developing new skills and expanding concept development. Through a variety of studio-based projects, participants create personal work in response to creative challenges that facilitate risk-taking and originality. Structured as an informal studio using a wide range of media, class members and faculty will engage with each other to resolve issues and refine ideas. No prerequisites.


Fashion Sketching Studio

Participants in this course learn the fundamentals of quick sketching to communicate design ideas and draw garments with flair and detail. Emphasis is on simple methods to illustrate style information.  Projects focus on understanding proportion, fabric rendering, design details, and garment silhouettes.  Methods for developing sketches based on readily available fashion photographs and schematic figure drawings (croqui) are included.  No prerequisites.

Jewelry & Small Metals Studio

This course emphasizes design and technical skills for making jewelry and small metal objects as expressive and inventive art forms increasingly found at the intersection of fashion, jewelry, and small sculpture. Slide presentations and discussions provide an overview of contemporary and historical jewelry. Through demonstrations and hands-on experience, participants learn metalworking techniques and apply these techniques to projects to create jewelry and/or small-scale sculpture of the student’s own design. Open to all levels. No prerequisites.


Digital Photography Studio

This course offers participants the opportunity to develop digital camera and darkroom skills, as well as techniques for producing creative photographic work. Hands-on projects encourage exploration of the medium’s potential for expressive visual language while integrating the conceptual, aesthetic, and technical aspects of digital photography. The course accommodates beginners and experienced students who may wish to pursue a personal interest or just brush up on skills with the assistance of the instructor.  Digital cameras, iPhones or iPads may be used. No prerequisites.


Perspective Drawing for Design

Appropriate for all levels, this course teaches the student to use perspective to depict spatial and volumetric depth in free-hand drawings. Beginning with simple line sketches and building skills in more complex tonal drawings, the student learns to create a sense of the third dimension with both interior and exterior views as subjects. The student examines one- and two-point perspective methods and learns to add reality with shades and shadows from a chosen light source. Rendering of drawings will be completed with various media, marker, color pencil, paint and air-brush.  No prerequisites.


Painting Studio

Designed to expand creativity, this course provides beginners or those more experienced the opportunity to experiment with fundamental processes and techniques in drawing and painting. Through a variety of studio-based projects, students develop new skills in translating the observation of objects into visual representations or abstract forms while investigating composition and color. Participants receive individual attention and instruction tailored to develop their personal aesthetic. A range of drawing and painting media will be presented as options. No prerequisites.


In addition to the Art & Design Studios included here, individuals are welcome to take any courses offered as part of Certificate Programs.