Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are student leaders who work for the Admissions department here at Moore. They will be leading campus tours when you visit this year. They are here to answer any questions from the student perspective, show you the College, and share their personal experiences.

Brianna Boulanger

Hello there my name is Brianna Boulanger and I am a member of student ambassadors at Moore. This is my first year as a student ambassador and I am so excited to get to meet all you accepted and perspective students! I am a Graphic Design Junior and am minoring in Business.  I am also a member of student government at Moore and I love art and everything about it! I am from Lancaster, PA home of the Amish as some might say. I enjoy hanging out with friends and going to see sporting events and shopping of course! I love going to Moore and all the great opportunities I get to experience. I am excited for this coming school year and can not wait to meet all of you! I know when I was a perspective student and I came for my tour and it was a big step in deciding where I wanted to start the next part of my life. Moore was a perfect fit for me and I hope it is for you as well. Can’t wait to see you here and meet all of you! 

Abigail Brill

Hi ladies, my name is Abigail. I'm a sophomore at Moore. I am majoring in Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture, and a minor in Graphic Design. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky, so my first thought about living in Philadelphia by myself were intimidating. But, with the great young women of Moore, and the exciting new city around me, it soon became my second home. Moore's values of excellence, professionalism, leadership, spirit and respect are those of an honorable and historic legacy. Moore has already made me become a stronger leader in the arts. I participate in the Emerging Leader in the Arts program and am a Visionary Woman's Scholar. These advantages, among many more, help me to become connected to a network of women artists and designers that will serve me throughout my professional and personal life.

Besides classes and leadership meetings, I keep busy with my new internship at the Barnes Foundation, and cooking yummy homemade food in my new apartment in Center City. At Moore I love being truly immersed in the arts the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Barnes Foundation are close by, as well as the amazing Moore galleries like The Goldie Paley Gallery, the Levy Gallery, and the Student Run Gallery. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the admissions office. If you are interested in seeing what I am currently working on, or reading more about what my experience at Moore is like, check out my art at

Blakely Inberg

Hey there, ladies! My name’s Blakely, and I’m a Junior Illustration major with the intent to minor in Fine Arts at Moore. Going to the right college was always incredibly important to me, and Moore fit the bill. I love my classes, teachers, what we learn, and how we learn it! Innovation is what drew me here, and the comfortable, close community is what welcomed me and encouraged me to stay. There’s always a familiar face or name to greet in the hallway, as well as someone to offer a helping hand. I come from muggy and humid Boca Raton in Southern Florida (about an hour north of Miami) and coming from tropical suburbia, Philadelphia is like a dream to me. I believe that it’s the perfect city for any student or artist (or even both!). Plus, nothing beats having real seasons! At Moore, we’re given the tools to reach our goals, and it’s with these opportunities and experiences that I look forward to my future. Hope to see you soon!! 

Lydia Knopp

Howdy! My name is Lydia Knopp and I hail from Kansas City, Kansas.  I am so grateful to be an Ambassador at Moore and promise to provide an honest, in-depth look at the unique student experience. I am currently a junior double majoring in Graphic Design and Curatorial Studies--enjoying every minute of it! Other than classwork, I’ve taken advantage of the other opportunities to get involved including an assortment of clubs, Student Government, and Student Leadership Board.  As far as Philadelphia is concerned, having the city as my campus places stellar resources at my fingertips and constantly expands my ideas of art and what art can “do.”  The City of Brotherly Love also entertains a variety of other interests including dance, music, culture, community, and food, that all help to complete a well-rounded college experience! I’m thankful for my parents, teachers, and the Admissions Office who’ve empowered me to become a Moore student.  I am happy to share this experience and encouragement with anyone who will listen.  Best of luck and I look forward to meeting you! 

Davinica Nemtzow

Hey ladies! I’m Davinica and I’m a Junior Illustration major and Creative Writing minor. The moment I walked into Moore I knew this was my new home. I come from both the Berkshires (rural Massachusetts) and Rhode Island, so I was definitely not used to the city my first year. I’m starting to adjust and I’m in love with the different restaurants (so many places for good sushi) and museums just within a short walk from Moore. In my free time I love to go to the gym, do yoga at the PMA on Wednesdays, and play Apples to Apples with my friends. Center City Philadelphia is perfect for an art student who wants culture and easy access to the city without being too overwhelmed. I love that almost all of my teachers and I are on a first name basis and they even talk to me over the breaks.  The close-knit community is one of the main things that drew me to Moore. I have always been focused on getting a career in the arts and I love the fact that Moore has pushed me further than I could even dream. During my sophomore year, and with some encouragement from teachers, I’ve decided I want to get my Masters in Architecture after I graduate. 

I’m a Visionary Woman Scholar and part of the Emerging Leaders in the Arts program. Through the ELA program I have done an internship with the Center for Architecture and this year I will be doing a mentorship with architectural illustrator Kirk Fromm and another artist in my field. Moore has so many leadership opportunities that have made my experience here so much more meaningful.  Currently, I’m an RA in Sartain Hall and one of my main goals is helping girls feel like they have a home away from home.  Now in my second year of Residence Life, I realized that the family I’ve found with my team, the connections with RAs all over the country, and the visible improvement of my leadership skills have given me an experience I will always treasure.

You can also check out my artwork on my website!

Lydia Nobles

Hi, my name is Lydia and I am a junior student at Moore. I am majoring in Fine Arts: 3D with a minor in Textile Design. During my freshman and sophomore years I learned many new skills and became very comfortable in my new home of Philadelphia. This year, I am thrilled to have my own studio on campus and work on my own ideas. Each of my teachers demonstrates intelligent and inspirational qualities, which make each class exciting and helps me to be a better student. My favorite class this semester is Surface in Art and Design in which I will be studying Shibori techniques. I am also happy to be taking Advanced Woodblock Printing and Junior Metals Studio. I am excited to see where my new classes will take me and what they will guide me towards as a future career. Moore makes me feel at home and I am always doing crazy new things in and out of the classroom. Out of the classroom, my friends and I love to go dancing and visit the neighboring universities. We enjoy the events on the Parkway such as College Day on the Parkway and Dîner en Blanc. This year will be full of wonderful and exhilarating opportunities at Moore College!