MFA in Studio Art


  • MFA in Studio Art Class of 2013 - 90% are employed with 8 of 10 graduates, or 80% holding positions in their field of study. Importantly, one year after graduation, the majority of MFA alumni appear to be maintaining active private studio practices as well

  • See what our alumni have been up to at Alumni Accomplishments

  • Daniel Tucker, Graduate Program Manager, Social & Studio Practice, has been awarded a grant from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage to curate an upcoming exhibition and event series.

  • Read about Daniel Tucker in the February 27, 2015 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Daniel was a contributing artist for Greg Sholette’s “Imaginary Archive” installation at UPenn’s Institute for Contemporary Art’s Traces in the Dark exhibition in Philadelphia from February 4 - March 22 with an opening reception on February 4.  Daniel was a panelist on “Ethics of Social Practice” at the College Art Association (CAA) in New York on February 12.  On March 21, Daniel will be a panelist on “Community-Based Practice” and a mentor to young authors through the Oklahoma Art Writing & Curatorial Fellowship at Oklahoma City Museum of Art in Oklahoma City.  Daniel will also be a workshop leader at Open Engagement conference in Pittsburgh, PA in April.

  • Recent guest critics for our end of term critiques have included Anthony Romero, Mark Boswell, John Muse, Zoe Cohen, Eileen Neff and Kate Stewart.

  • Moore’s Studio Conversations series has recently hosted visitors such as Janet Echelman, Nato Thompson, Zoe Strauss, Liam Gillick, and Tom Marioni to name only a few. The ongoing series features leading artists, curators and critics discussing artistic issues and practice across media and international boundaries. The conversations are intended to address the emerging globalization and internationalization of the fine arts and what this means in the 21st century. For more information on this series visit our Studio Conversations archive. 

  • As part of the MFA in Studio Arts program, the second fall term requires work with an external mentor who meets with the student on at least three occasions for regular discussion, studio visits and feedback. Past artists serving as external mentors have included: (2010) Janice Smith, Gillian Jagger, Mathew Clay Robinson, Virginia Maksymowicz; (2011) Frederick Herr, Amy Walsh, Sharon Louden; (2012) Janet Echelman, Stacy Levy, Meggan Bridge, Robert Mars, Sharon Louden, Lisa Sylvester, Kate Stewart, Amy Walsh, Lisa Sylvester, Scot White; (2013) Judith Schaecter, Margery Amdur, Chris Klapper; (2014) Jeanne Jaffe, Meridith Grimsley, Margery Amdur, Kate Stewart.

Moore’s MFA in Studio Art 

Moore’s low-residency MFA in Studio Art emphasizes rigorous and immersive study in fine art studio practice and challenges the artist to confront both practical and philosophical concerns facing artists today. The program encourages artists to work across a variety of media, forms and techniques and does not restrict in any way the kind of making practiced by our MFA candidates.

A required four-week international graduate residency in Burren, Ireland during the second summer term, in addition to concept-based seminars and frequent interaction with nationally and internationally recognized visiting artists throughout the program positions the artist and their work within a global arts environment. Throughout the program there is a consistent emphasis on the role that place, context and locality play in informing an artists’ process. This is further explored through shared curriculum with our new MA and MFA programs in which audience, collaboration and circulation of art in the public sphere are primary concerns.

This seven-semester program is designed to support individuals who are available for intensive full-time study for six-weeks during three concentrated summer terms. Evening seminars and advisor-guided independent studio tutorials maintain the program’s emphasis on studio work and continuity with peers and faculty during the fall and spring terms. It is essential for students to have ample work space outside of the six-week summer intensive, when studios facing the Ben Franklin Parkway are provided on-site at Moore.

The program utilizes a variety of media as a means to explore and execute work based on content and intent. A required professional practices seminar instills essential business skills and, for those interested in teaching, an elective graduate teaching assistantship and teaching seminar prepare artists for work in postsecondary education.

Critical dialogue with faculty, visiting artists/critics and other graduate candidates are key components within group and individual critiques, seminars, lecture courses and in independent graduate tutorials.

The program culminates in the completion of a mature body of work accompanied by a written thesis, which is presented at the end of the final summer term to the faculty during the thesis exhibition in The Galleries at Moore.