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Mellisa Robbins


Fine Arts

Recipient of Penny Fox Internship Fellowship

When I saw the work of Luke Haynes it changed everything I believed about textiles. Haynes creates complex quilts that utilize traditional pattern and realistic, contemporary imagery. Luke Haynes’s quilts are like fabric photographs: they depict and distort reality while maintaining a sense of depth and place. He also works in textile installation, combining his formal architecture education from Cooper Union with his sense for design and textile processes. His work is on a new, exciting level of contemporary textile art, and having the opportunity to work with him will be incredibly beneficial to my development as an artist.  The support of the Penny Fox Fellowship will make my internship possible. It will give me the opportunity to travel to and live in Los Angeles for the duration of my internship. I have never left the East Coast, and traveling will broaden my horizons and grant me a new perspective.