As an Interior Design major you may pursue an internship in a variety of different settings such as at a small private design firm, large commercial company, or at an institutional organization concerned with space planning and facilities management. In addition, you may receive in-depth experience and develop skills dealing with different facets of the industry including residential, commercial, hospitality, health-care, institutional, or exhibit design.

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Recent Internships


internship Stories

Michelle Del Valle
At Daroff Design, I’ve worked on national and international hotels, restaurants and corporate environments. I’m very fortunate – I get to work on projects that push the imagination with people who have tremendous talent...
Christine Ferri
When I decided to go back to school for interior design, I knew that I didn’t want to become “another number floating around,” like I was at a larger university. When I requested information about Moore, I received a...
Shannon Willis
I like problem solving. With interior design, most projects and assignments start with a problem, and our job is to find the best solution. The fun part is to make the solution look great, too! I love asking myself...