Kara Commoroto

Fashion Design

My internship was at Deb Shops at their main corporate office. I was able to go out to vendors in New York. I took samples from expensive vendors and took those ideas to make more affordable versions for kids. They are currently in the process of rebuilding their brand. I grew up with Deb Shops and shopped there as child. In my opinion it is a lot trendier now.

My responsibilities were to help enter in orders they send to vendors, send samples back to vendors, help pulling samples out of warehouse to show to the Vice President. I worked on making signs for a graphics project. I also made trend boards too. I had opportunities to help out on photo-shoots. Everyone here was friendly and professional and they even asked me to stay on through year.

The internship experience helped me to increase my computer skills, especially with graphics; and shopping reports. They taught me how to keep my eye on who the client is (girls my age, junior and plus) and how to stay up with trends. I helped with fitting on mannequins and models.

I learned a lot about myself through this internship. This is first time I worked a 40 hour week job. I learned that I like the merchandising side of fashion too. Internships are an amazing thing. None of my friends outside of Moore are required to do an internship. Fashion design is so competitive; you really need to have a foot in the door and to make connections.  It prepared me for the real world and it got me excited to graduate and go to work.