The 66 credit program is designed to be completed in 10 terms / 37.5 months and must not exceed 75 months. Students who show documentation of prior experience in interior design may have the opportunity for proficiency credits. All students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Transfer Credit Policy
Entering graduate students can transfer up to 3 credits of advanced, post-undergraduate level studio or technical-based electives from an accredited institution. 
All transfer credits are evaluated and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the appropriate Graduate Program Manager. All transfer credits must be a B level or higher. Coursework from Moore’s BFA program, Post-Baccalaureate program, and Continuing Education program are not eligible for transfer.
Transfer credits are not accepted after a student matriculates. The Graduate Interior Design Program does not admit non-matriculating students.

Summer 6-Week Intensives

IDGR600A Architectural Drafting 1.5
IDGR600B Design Fundamentals 1.5

1st Year


Fall 1
IDGR600 Foundation Studio I 3.0
IDGR601 Perspective Drawing/Rendering 1.5
IDGR606BL Color Theory & Application 1.5
IDGR622 History of Interiors I 1.5
Spring 1
IDGR605 Foundation Studio II 3.0
IDGR607 Digital Representation I 3.0
IDGR623 History of Interiors II 1.5
Summer 1
IDGR635 Lighting Design 3.0
IDGR612 Digital Representation II 1.5
IDGR630 Construction I 1.5
  TOTAL: including intensives 24.0 

2nd Year


Fall II
IDGR610 Content Studio I 3.0
IDGR637 Interior Materials and Finishes 1.5
IDGR641OL Environmental Theory 1.5
  Elective 1 1.5
Spring II
IDGR615 Content Studio II 3.0
IDGR631 Construction II 3.0
IDGR647OL Building Codes 1.5
Summer II
IDGR625 Working Drawings & Details I   3.0
IDGR627 Professional Development 1.5
  Elective 2 1.5
  TOTAL 21.0

3rd Year 


Fall III
IDGR620 Content Studio III  3.0
IDGR643 Design Specialty Research 1.5
IDGR658OL Professional Practice 1.5
  Elective 3 1.5
Spring III
IDGR612 Working Drawings and Details II 1.5
IDGR650 Internship 3.0
IDGR654 Directed Research 3.0
Summer III
IDGR700 Thesis 4.5
  Elective 4 1.5
  TOTAL  21.0
  TOTAL FOR DEGREE:     66.0