In order to begin your journey you need a road map.  The purpose of Foundation is to help you master technical skills so that you are prepared for your area of study.  This program provides a strong basis in design principles that is rooted in drawing, and lays the foundation so you are trained for a career in art and design.  Our expert faculty will work with you to develop your point of view while you explore various materials and methods – from the traditional to evolving technologies.. Read More About Foundation.

MooreCycle's TerraCycle Workshop


  • The Foundation program is supported by the new iPad® initiative. All new students are given a free Apple® iPad®, pre-populated with visual art and design apps. Students will use the iPad® as a sketchbook and portfolio, as well as a camera for both still and moving images.   Apps on the iPad® will allow students to develop ideas, concepts and produce finished work in classes. 
  • You will also be able to utilize Wacom Drawing tablets in Smart computer labs and, new this fall, a computer/scanner/printer workstation that better supports the integration of traditional and digital media through the contiguous placement of a digital workstation.

“When I first came to art school I never would have imagined using a digital device to assist with a traditional type of art, but it works. Most of what I do or need – from a planner to a sketch pad – is in my iPad. It’s like carrying around a digital extension of me.” Flor “Jazmin” Gutierrez, 2016

Lynn Palewicz '99 '00 (general fine arts, teaching), assistant professor and chair of Foundation at Moore, was featured in a Page 40 article in MICA's Special Edition ROI 2014 issue of Juxtapositions magazine, "The Art of Teaching - MICA Alumni Energize Higher Education Institutions."


Selections from Foundation Artwork