Stephanie Potter

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Stephanie Potter

Fine Arts 3D

During my internship at Freeman’s, I worked with modern and contemporary art, European art and also in the Asian arts department. I dealt with modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints, and photos; European paintings and Asian Arts prints, sculptures, woodblocks, sacred items and garments.

My responsibilities were need based and I rotated through different departments. Outside of my internship, I have been working with an antiques dealer for eight years. I also have an apprenticeship in rare coins and stamps. Working with dealers is different than working for an auction house. I have been responsible for cataloging, compiling expert lists, digitizing old notes, and taking notes on different lots

I learned about the delicacy of art archiving. The work I did at my internship informs the work that I do as an artist. I got to experience looking at images that are not in the public sphere and the private art market. Everything I make is a quote from “art history.” I really love the Asian arts department because of the way it’s organized. Everything is out in the open and arranged. I can look at everything at once. Being able to handle objects on a regular basis is really fantastic. I would like to be an appraiser or an expert in an auction business one day. I am looking at the Sotheby’s Institute in London as a possible graduate program.

As a whole, internships are an incredibly valuable experience. A lot of schools have internship programs, but don’t help students find them the way that Moore does through the Locks Career Center.