Student Government

Student Government 2013-14


Hey guys! My name is Sammi Jauch, I am a senior in Photography and Digital Arts and the President of Student Government. I am originally from the Poconos. I love being outside, hiking or swimming! I also love the city of Philadelphia, there is always something fun going on. I joined Student Government because I am passionate about working with other students to improve Moore. If you have any questions or suggestions for student government feel free to e-mail us at 


HI! My name is Rebecca Kuemmerle and I am the Secretary of Student Government this year! I am a junior majoring in Illustration, as well as getting minors in Business and Fine Arts. On a personal note, I love painting with oils and especially enjoy fantasy illustration. I am from Ocean City, New Jersey and love spending time outdoors. I love being an active member of the school community and want to be your voice within the school to improve your experience. I have been involved in different organizations within Moore and will be here to help you with any problems you may have. Student Government plays an important role and connects the students with the faculty, administration, and other members of the Moore community. I can’t wait to spend time with everyone this year and take on new challenges!

Hi! I'm Abigail McGinnes and I am a senior Interior Design student here at Moore.  I grew up in Nottingham, Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of the city, so I always knew I wanted to be in Philly. Coming to Moore, I knew I wanted to be involved in leadership roles, and I have done so for 3 out of my 4 years here. I am currently the Vice President of Student Government and am overseeing the Networking and Community and Programming committees. We are working closely as a team to make greater connections throughout the school as well as throughout the city. This is a great opportunity to build upon the already strong community that Moore offers. We are looking forward to a great and successful year!

Greetings, I’m Kelicia Pitts. Born in Chester, Pennsylvania raised in Delaware.  I’ve lived in Philadelphia for the past 17 years.  I’m an adult student returning to school, majoring in Curatorial Studies. My goal is to be a Curator at a Museum and eventually own my own art gallery.  I am also minoring in Digital Arts & Business. I find it very fulfilling to participate in anything and everything that has to do with being a leader. I chose Moore because I have been able to use my leadership skills and develop new ones.  Being an artist means being a leader, being a leader helps your confidence, you learn about yourself, what you can take and especially how to deal/work with people you don’t know.  I’ve been the president of the African American Student Association since my freshman year; I started my leadership early on.  Then as a sophomore, I experienced SOS (Student Orientation Staff) I interacted very closely with new students and helped them get acclimated.  Currently as a junior, I hold a co-coordinator position in Student Government for the Student Run Gallery. 


Hi, my name is Karla Coriat. I am a senior Graphic design major. I was born in Iquitos, Peru but have lived in Sarasota, Florida my whole life. I have been a part of the leadership opportunities for four years, and it has been such an awesome experience. I am currently in Student Government, and I oversee the Networking committee. This year we will be focusing on building new relationships with other colleges, as well as branching out within the Moore community. I chose to participate in Student Government, because it allows me to have my voice heard. SG plays a huge role in the connection between students, faculty, and the Moore community. It helps you recognize what truly goes on behind the scenes and creates an appreciation of the kind of institute we are all a part of. 

Greetings, brilliant reader! I am Laura Lomascolo, a Fine Arts Major and both a Business and Creative Writing Minor. Theater is my passion and I have recently decided to pursue Theater Directing after graduating from Moore. As soon as I began attending Moore, I have been involved and engaged in leadership opportunities - both within and outside of Moore. Some of my excursions include interning for Terror Behind the Walls (TBTW) and FiberPhiladelphia, being a Resident's Assistant (RA), being a member of the Networking Committee in Student Government (SG) and attending various art events throughout the city! I keep busy ;) Leadership opportunities began at Moore for me (especially for a non-native of Philadelphia) where I instantly had access to the inner workings of the college and began strengthening my voice within the Moore community: the leap from Moore leadership opportunities to Philly ones was seamless. 

Hello, I'm Lydia Knopp from Kansas City, Kansas.  I am a junior in Graphic Design and Curatorial Studies and have been apart of Student Government here for two years now.  In Student Government I serve on Community & Programming Committee and the Student Run Gallery.  On Community & Programming, our goal is to strengthen the school spirit here at Moore and provide other opportunities of outreach and service within the city of Philadelphia.  In Student Run Gallery, I will be helping showcase student work and exercise the space in more creative and useful ways.  I couldn't imagine going to Moore and not being involved in Student Government because I've seen the good that happens when we work together to achieve our goals for a better student experience.  Working collectively for the college has also empowered me as an individual and taught me valuable skills that will stay with me after my years at Moore.  While I'm still here, I have every intention of working hard to make it the best it can be. Cheers!

Hey, my name is Kiara Duppins. I am a sophomore student majoring in Fashion Design. My hometown is Baltimore, Maryland; just a couple hours away from Philadelphia. I am currently a member of both the Networking Committee and the Community and Programming Committee in Student Government. This year we will be helping the Moore community build relationships with other art schools in the area and with the Philadelphia art community as a whole. We will also be helping students and others in Philadelphia become more involved in the Moore community.

I chose to participate in student government because it empowers me to take on the position as a leader rather than a follower. It also allows me to get involved in the Moore community as much as possible, which inevitably creates a better college experience. Student government gives all the students of Moore an opportunity to have their voice heard and to make their experience here enjoyable and rewarding to the highest extent.

My name is Flor Jazmin Gutierrez and I am currently a sophomore at Moore College of Art and Design working to earn my Curatorial Studies BFA with a minor in Graphic Design. I am also a work-study student at Moore's Locks Career Center throughout the year while doing my best to maintain a high GPA. Currently I am in the Student Government's Academic Committee helping to connect students within their major and providing a resource to problem-solve any issues that may occur. Also, I help my committee promote and praise student-artists for their ability and accomplishments in the "Student of the Month" display in Student Services. This year we are also hoping to connect students to the faculty in their major so that they know more about the decisions made to improve their education and overall experience at Moore. For these causes and more, I am proud to be a part of Moore's Student Government and Student Leadership Board.

Hi there,my name is Alexandra Mosoeanu but you can call me Alex. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and am currently a sophomore 2-d Fine Arts major with a minor in Graphic Design. I have been involved in volunteer activities all throughout high school and found a way to continue my involvement through Student Government at Moore. Being apart of the Academic committee means we find fun,creative activities to enrich and excite students to be active and fully engaged in all their classes. I chose to be apart of student government because it allows me to voice my opinion openly and be heard as well as connect with other students and faculty that normally without this leadership position I would not have.

Hello there my name is Brianna Boulanger and I am a member of student government here at Moore. I joined student government my sophomore year because I wanted to be more involved with the school and get a chance to get to know more people as well. I am a Graphic Design junior and minor in Business. I love art and everything about it! I am from Lancaster PA home of the amish as some might say. I enjoy hanging out with friends, working at my job as a style consultant at Juicy Couture, going to sporting events and concerts and, shopping of course. I love going to Moore and all the great opportunity's I get to experience here. I am excited for this next coming school year and can not wait to see what student government has in store! :)    

Hello! My name is Carlee Myers and I am a Curatorial Studies senior with a minor in 2D Fine Art. I was born in Hagerstown, MD, where I lived up until I moved to Philadelphia to continue my college education. I have been the secretary of Curator’s Club for the past year or so and it has been a transformative experience. It led me to join Student Government where I oversee the Student Run Gallery. By joining Student Government I have not only gained skills for my professional life, I have given back to a school that has significantly jumpstarted my career as both an artist and museum professional.