Leadership Opportunities


The professional staff in the Student Services Department prepares students for lifelong learning and leadership in the arts by strengthening their leadership skills in and out of the classroom.

Student Services personnel work with other staff, faculty, outside facilitators and local women leaders in the arts to train our student leaders, building their confidence and teaching teamwork and follow-through. A key step is helping students develop their ability to take risks, effect change and make ethical decisions.



Student Government is structured to advocate for the students, empower their voices, develop solutions for student concerns and work to improve the experience for every student at Moore.

Student Government members represent the student perspective on key college-wide committees. Members have the opportunity to attend leadership and issue-oriented conferences. All students are encouraged to apply for positions in Student Government. The selection process occurs in the spring.

Each member of Student Government is unique and we all have different personalities. We are made of majors, years, and interests but we are all here for you. Find out more about your student leaders....


Moore’s Student Orientation Staff are sophomores and juniors who work with new students as they adapt to life at Moore by providing support during orientation and the subsequent semesters.

Prior to arriving at Moore, each new student is contacted by a member of the Orientation Staff who offers assistance and support. During orientation, the staff members accompany the students within their Orientation group and facilitate activities such as team building.

Students apply for an SOS position in the spring and are selected before they leave for the summer break. They must be either sophomores or juniors and must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be in good standing at the College.


Residence Life staff is a group of four Resident Directors and eight Resident Assistants who work with the Associate Dean for Residence Life and Housing. They assist in both the personal and operational aspects of managing the residence halls.

In addition to the skills that all leaders receive in training, the Residence Life Staff learns interpersonal helping skills, such as conflict resolution, mediation, crisis interventions; and operational procedures related to maintenance and security. They work with staff in Student Services to provide social and educational programming for the students living in the residence halls.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors hold these positions. To join the residence life Staff, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and must go through a selection process.


There are a number of opportunities for community service on campus, which are run out of various offices. They include:

  • Health Services’ two annual blood drives
  • Community service projects organized by the Alumnae Office
  • Residence hall programs organized by the student Residence Life Staff
  • Days of service organized by Student Services linked to both fall and spring Orientation, and then approximately once a month during the academic year
  • Alternative Spring Break - an extremely rewarding way to spend your spring break giving back to those in need, organized by Student Services
  • Wednesday morning runs with Back on My Feet organized by Student Serviceswww.backonmyfeet.org
  • Volunteer opportunities through Locks Career Center for which students in the Federal Workstudy Program can earn their workstudy awards by doing community service with an off-campus, arts-related organization.

Students interested in community service should contact the people/offices listed above or come to Student Services and speak with the Assistant Dean of Students for more opportunities.

There are also opportunities for students in the Federal Workstudy Program to earn their workstudy awards by doing community service with an off-campus, arts-related organization. To find out more about these opportunities, contact Moore’s Locks Career Center.