Rory Mallach

Interactive & Motion Arts

I already felt like a Moore college student even before coming to Moore as part of the class of 2017. I had already taken several classes at the College through the Pre-College Program for High School Young Adults. I attended Moore’s Summer Art & Design Institute (SADI), a four-week pre-college residential program for women. I also completed a five-day intensive program in painting essentials.

I didn’t look at other colleges because I wanted to continue my journey at Moore. Taking the youth program courses allowed me to see that the faculty, staff and fellow students are welcoming and friendly. I also enjoy that the college is small, enabling for more time to be devoted to guiding students towards success and confidence in their artistic endeavors.. 

I am excited to be a first-year student in the BFA program in Interactive & Motion Arts. I already know the teachers by name and navigate the building with ease. When I heard about the new major, I immediately wanted to do it because it relates to me. It consists of animation and video games, things that I deal with on a daily basis. I first began experimenting with digital art and animations in 2005. During middle school and high school I began creating art with more meaning and improving my ability with different art mediums. I like that through art I can make someone smile and showcase my ideas in a creative way, I also like that I encounter and befriend artists that differ in style and ideas from mine.

It is great that Moore is helping to get more women into the field of gaming, I find it exciting that there will be even more individuals with unique and creative ideas entering the gaming field.