Strategic Plan 2014-2016




1. Strive for Faculty Excellence
  • Continue to attract and foster dedicated, quality, engaged award-winning faculty 
  • Use visiting professorships/visiting fellowships to provide specialized expertise 
  • Support Faculty governance
  • Recruit partners & allies for on the job learning experiences
  • Increase the diversity of faculty


2. Strive for Student Excellence

  • Increase student body diversity to enrich the learning experience (E.g., Ethnic, age, geographic, socioeconomic, etc.)


3. Strive for Instructional Excellence

  • Develop cross disciplinary & inter-disciplinary teaching/learning with technology & other strategies
  • Develop cutting edge new programs that are strategic, and academically meaningful
  • Periodically evaluate all programs for 21st century relevance and delivery
  • Expedite new curriculum development Explore and identify academic partnerships (locally, regionally, nationally)
  • Explore business-specific partnerships (locally, regionally, nationally)
  • Explore digital internships, and other online and digital deliveries 


Student Experience

1. Improve the Student Learning Experience

  • Improve and expand leadership development programs with a focus on accessibility and citizenship
  • Expand community as campus strategy 
  • Continuously strive to support and improve experiences for commuter students 
  • Increase student body diversity to enrich the learning experience (e.g., ethnic, age, geographic, socioeconomic, etc.)
  • Use data to define “ideal” student composition


2. Continually Improve Student Life Experience

  • Increase internship experiences and opportunities to connect industries to student’s studies
  • Increase programs and services for grad students focusing on network and professional development.
  • Increase awareness of Scholarship Opportunities
  • Leverage social aspects of the experience for network development and community building
  • Cultivate and support transfer students


Financial Strength

1. Increase Earned Income
  • Increase tuition driven enrollment 
  • Create strategic certificate program and continuing education program: a) Businesses (investors/sponsors); b) Online certificate 
  • Explore business and product development to boost earned income


2. Continually Strengthen Financial Position

  • Restructure and increase resources for the development office and consider expanding. 
  • Create endowment strategy for scholarships, endowment, and facilities
  • Strategic and intentional socio-economic, age and geographic recruitment including scholarships


3. Increase Contributed Income

  • Create compelling alumnae fund development fundraising strategy
  • Create robust alumni engagement strategies 
  • Pursue investors to whom all-women educational experience is a priority


Legacy, Institutional Leadership and Marketing

1. Refresh Moore’s Brand and Strengthen the Messaging Strategy

  • Strengthen messaging about all Women’s College
  • Maximize the importance and strength of Moore’s legacy
  • Highlight accomplishments of faculty, alumni, and students
  • Offer a compelling profile re: the experience at Moore
  • Improve the national and international reputation of The Galleries 
  • Involve various College constituencies as active spokespersons for making the case for Moore: a) Use visiting professorships/visiting fellowships to elevate awareness of Moore

        b) Mobilize Board in external college representation

2. Capitalize on Moore’s All-Women Legacy

  • Position Moore as an expert and thought leader in women’s leadership development
  • Attract greater  interest in women’s affairs and women’s employment 
  • More intentionally focus on process, outcome, and impact of education