Workshops & Talks


With Melinda Houvig
Figure drawing refreshes your perceptions and enhances your drawing skills.
Work from a live model using materials provided. Gain observational skills and
develop eye-hand coordination as you draw the figure with courage, freshness,
and freedom. Melinda Houvig is a conceptual artist and writer who lives in
Wayne, PA. She is a 2015 MFA candidate at Moore College of Art & Design.
Melinda completed her BFA with honors and a focus in Studio Art at West
Chester University in Pennsylvania, in 2012. She studied under Sarah Kate
Stewart, John Baker, Erica Loustau and Richard Blake.


With Elizabeth McTear
Learn different shibori-dyeing techniques and make two lovely silk scarves to
wear or give as gifts. Techniques can be combined to create layered marks,
making your work ever more sophisticated and unique. Examples of various
techniques will be on display to help you plan your work. Students are free to
bring clothing items or fabrics of their own. Since we are using acid dyes, make
sure the fabrics are either silk or wool and have been pre-washed. Additionally,
since we are using dyes, please be sure to either wear clothing that can get
messy or bring a smock/apron. Elizabeth McTear '03 earned a degree in textile
design from Moore. She is the sole proprietor, artist, and designer at Honest
Alchemy. More information can be found at


With NextFab
Have you ever wanted to know more about how to create art work using
three-dimensional modeling? Experts from local maker space NextFab will
demonstrate using equipment in Moore’s new Fab Lab. Space is limited.
NextFab’s mission is to foster innovation and manufacturing as key elements
of our nation’s identity and economy, through providing broad-based awareness
of, access to, competence with, and commerce enabled by Next-generation
digital design and Fabrication technologies and services.


With Tim McFarlane
Are you creating a new body of work, working on a freelance project or
exploring new media? Do you miss the feedback of your peers? Crit Club
is an informal critique (no grades!) where you can bring your work and take
away helpful feedback and great insights from your colleagues. Tim McFarlane
graduated from Temple University/Tyler School of Art in 1994 and exhibited
in the Philadelphia region and nationally. He has been a visiting artist at several
universities, sat on several artist panels and has been a juror for exhibitions
and grants. McFarlane’s work is represented by the Bridgette Mayer Gallery
in Philadelphia, where he has had several solo exhibitions, and Gray
Contemporary in Houston, Texas.


With Heidi Delbeau
Do you fancy fabulous head pieces? Are you inspired by fashion of the
royals and other fashion-forward style icons? If so, join us for this fascinating
workshop, learning millinery construction and fascinator making. Feel free
to bring elements that you would like to be included in your fascinator to add
to the supplies provided. Heidi Delbeau is a graduate of the Fashion Institute
of Technology and has been teaching millinery (hat-making) for over 10 years
at Burlington County College in Pemberton, New Jersey. A hat designer,
she makes one-of-a-kind hats and fascinators using vintage beadings, appliqués
and feathers. Her inspirations include Schiaparelli and Balenciaga.


With Linda Noble Topf
For a moment, think of your mind as being something like a motion picture
production studio. Every moment of our lives we are filming our experiences;
we are recording in our minds volumes and volumes of images, conversations,
thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. It is from this huge library of experiences that
we interpret or "make sense" of new opportunities and situations as they come
into our lives. It is Linda’s intention to leave people transformed with more
power, freedom, self expression, and peace of mind. Linda has learned and
experienced—that each of us, regardless of circumstances, can move through
life with freedom in a creative and joyful way. Linda Noble Topf '71
is a Moore alumna and author of "You Are Not your Illness: Seven Principles for
Meeting the Challenge" and "Wheelchair Wisdom: Awaken Your Spirit through
Adversity". She credits Moore faculty and artist Louise Stahl with inspiring her
and her life views.


With Sarah Kolker
Belief is the first and largest step on the road to success. Creative individuals
can tap into their strong suit to help advance their lives and careers. Center
and focus during this mind-body integrative class to help you craft a rightbrained
business plan that will get results and focus on getting your dreams
accomplished. Sarah Kolker is a native Philadelphian and graduate of Sarah
Lawrence College and has studied health and wellness practices in Philadelphia,
Jamaica, SF Bay Area and New York City. An Artist, Arts Administrator, Chef
and Certified Yoga Instructor, she has worked with well-known mosaic tile
artist Isaiah Zagar, the Philadelphia Mural Arts program, Groundswell
Community Mural Project, DOPE SWAN, and others.



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