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Maria Sweeney



I chose Moore for several reasons, one being the small student-to-teacher ratio.  I like that the classes are small and each student and their work is treated individually.  Moore's location in Center City Philadelphia was also a deciding factor because it allows me to explore the city. I also looked into Moore's classes thoroughly and found their Illustration major to be one that seems to encompass all the skills that I'll need once I graduate. Lastly, I chose Moore because when I came here for various events and workshops, everyone seemed genuinely happy that I was there.  Even when applying, I felt like the school really wanted me and valued my work, which is the greatest feeling.

While attending an all-women’s school wasn’t a stipulation I sought out when applying to colleges, I was immediately taken with the idea when seeking out more information about Moore College of Art & Design.  I found the element of an all-female school to be more beneficial and it was one of the deciding factors when applying to Moore. 

Having the school be opened to just women has allowed me to find my voice as an artist and a woman.  I feel that there is a level of unspoken but mutual respect between my peers that allows me to feel comfortable to participate in class discussions and integrate myself into the community.

Moore creates an environment that pushes me to be vocal and independent, which are aspects that I apply to my life outside of the school.  Women’s colleges known the struggles that only women can face and knowing that on a general, simple level, others can relate to your own personal experience and guide you is a very empowering thing. 

Moore College has helped -- and continues to help -- find my voice an artist and a woman.  I owe that all to a school that forges leaders and prepares its students for the real world where they are in control and independent.

I was awarded the Iva and Joe Samost Scholarship. It means so much to me and to my family because it means I can pursue my career and passion.  Education is a huge investment -- especially a good one like the one Moore provides -- so knowing that I'm taken care of allows me to focus entirely on my work.

Besides the wonderful friendships and contacts I've made at Moore already, the classes themselves are enjoyable and challenging.  This year first-year students are allowed to take a "drop-down" class or elective that pertains to their major and intended Illustration majors take a digital painting course which is what I'm doing.  I love that Moore let's you take this one upper-level course during your Foundation year to help you experiment and get a feel for what your major is like.  I enjoy my Foundation drawing class as well, especially the digital aspect, where we integrate the iPads and use apps such as Sketchbook Pro and Asketch to draw on them, simulating traditional mediums.