As an Illustration major you may find an internship in a private design studio, working for a book publisher or social media company, for a comic book or cartoon strip artist, or at an animation and film company. You will often have the opportunity to practice your technical skills while learning important best business practices of independent contractors and freelance artists.

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Internship Stories

Sara Lenton
My teacher told me about Moore when I was in the 10th grade and when I came to the open house, I was really impressed. All of the students at Moore work extremely hard, but they are doing what they love. Whenever I...
Elisha Thomas
Moore is unique to me because of the teachers and students. The faculty here are extremely dedicated to their work and more than willing to help students throughout our four years. With my fellow classmates, there are...
Stephanie Zuppo
I'm currently pursuing my MFA at The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. I am working towards a degree in Comics writing, production, and cartooning. CCS is known for being one of the most intensive comics focused...