As a Graphic Design major you can intern at design studios, advertising agencies, magazines, non-profit institutions like museums and universities, or be a part of the marketing divisions of a large corporation.  You may also find placement in communication and media companies connected to the television or movie industries. Web-based media organizations increasingly seek out Moore’s graphic design talent and even smaller private businesses often support full-time graphic design departments where you may find the perfect internship!

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Recent Internships


Internship Stories

Lindsay Deisher
After being accepted to art schools up and down the East coast, I chose Moore because of the intimate setting. I graduated with a class of about ten designers, and I had the opportunity to create strong relationships...
Jessica Massabrook
My internship at Princeton University Press was an amazing experience. I designed the cover of a book which was recently published. It was nice to work in a close-knit environment and have a mentor who worked with me on...
Christine Quiampang
After graduation I worked at Citadel FCU for two years and now am employed at IBM Software Group. Moore helped create a strong foundation for design. I had three internships while I was a student, they were at Casa...