Animation & Game Arts



Are you self-motivated, passionate about keeping up with technology and invested in being part of interactive and social media communities? A tinkerer who enjoys figuring things out? A highly creative visual artist who embraces working collaboratively with other artists, designers and programmers? Then this major is perfect for you.

The Animation & Game Arts BFA program is designed for you if you are eager to pursue a career as a visual artist in the fields of animation, game art and mobile media design.

The major is for students who are curious self-learners and problem-solvers, have the desire to be part of a creative team or community, and thrive with the challenge of working within frameworks and prescribed limitations. It teaches a variety of industry-relevant knowledge including: hand and digital drawing, animation and storyboarding, development of 2D character design and 3D environments, history, theory, gaming strategies, proficiency in the use of art-making software and critical analysis of interactive culture.

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News & Highlights

  • Robert Shields, adjunct faculty of Animation & Game Arts, had work in the following publications: Interface Zero 2.0 Full Metal Cyberpunk (Gun Metal Games); Novus Feature Card Game (Zenion Games); Fantasy Art Warriors and Heroes (Flame Tree Publishing); Gothic Art (Flame Tree Publishing); Exotique 10 (Ballistic Publishing) and Expose 7 (Ballistic Publishing)





Above classroom photos: 2015 Thom Carroll Photography