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Janet Kaplan, PhD

Former Director of Curatorial Studies Program

Our Curatorial Studies program is the first undergraduate program of its kind. It provides students with an intensive, experiential exposure to and analysis of the intellectual, administrative and discursive aspects of the curator's work. Students balance their academic interests with artistic pursuits allowing them to develop a firm foundation of the theoretical issues specifically concerning the nature of art and its display.

As the only art and design school for women in the nation, and one of two in the world, Moore has a unique mission that encourages young women students and women who are returning for education later in life to explore the widest range of possibilities for creative and intellectual achievement, without limits in terms of access or expectation. As I reinforce in my classes, our students develop a well-grounded sense that women can contribute to the world in limitless ways.

I always find it exciting to see the light in a student's eyes as a new idea and new possibility for understanding about the creative enterprise clicks in.


  • Janet Kaplan